Founded as a company in 1967, Tat produces pepper paste (salca), ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato products and tinned vegetables. It was the first company to import the technology of producing tinned crushed tomatoes to Turkey in 1989.

At the same time Tat started to produce tinned peeled tomatoes. 1997/98 new production lines using the latest technology for glas preserves of ketchup and mayonnaise were added.

2003 another new technology was introduced that throughout Europe is only used by Tat: Fresh tomatoes are aseptically processed and packaged for year-round remanufacture into various food products. This special technology reduces the risk of the tomatoes being exposed to oxygen to one in a billion.

In the same year, the established food-companies Tat, Sek, Maret and Pastavilla merged to Tat Preserves Ltd. thus turning it into one of the biggest food producers of Turkey. Tat has been awarded the certificate of quality TS EN ISO 9001:2008 by the Turkish Institute of Standardization.

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