Green Life entered the fragrant and colorful world of spices in 2004. Its mission was to supply customers with delicious spices and therapeutic herbs coming from the heart of nature as purely and hygienically as possible. Both Green Life’s trademark and their product range have expanded swiftly in a short while. Today, it proudly presents customers a large number of high-quality and natural products which Green Life produces in its hygienic production facilities, which have reached the top quality in terms of hygienic production conditions. Green Life provides distinct and new products for your health and taste in order to add flavor, health, wellbeing and nature to your life in the future as well.        

Quality is the most important issue for Green Life. Its operation is total quality management based. The basis of their production lies in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 quality management systems. In addition, Green Life strives to meet all customer satisfaction criteria, which are regarded as the core of our customer-based trademark philosophy. 

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