The Erbak Uludag Beverages Company has been founded in 1912 by Mehmet Hakki Bey and has since been kept a family company. Today, its most famous brand “Uludag” consists of 7 product divisions, 13 subbrands and 75 single products which are sold nationally and internationally.

Uludag is famous for its natural sparkling water, which is bottled at the same spring since 100 years, its mix of natural fruit juice and mineral water called Frutti Extra, its legendary Uludag Gazoz and its ”home-made style“ Limonata. Erbak Uludag Beverages Company aims to develop new beverages while constantly refine its familiar and well-liked products. When a new product is created, it is being tested over a hundred times to optimize taste and bottling before it is being launched onto the market.

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