Efe Rakı - Efe Fresh Grapes

Produced from fresh grapes ripening under the Aegean sun, Efe Fresh Grapes Raki is an indispensable taste for raki lovers with its flavor that appeals to different palates. Efe Fresh Grapes Raki, having achieved to create its own category for the first time in the sector, has been produced for those who like to try a different taste. The idea to create this new kind of raki was born when a fully loaded truck with fresh and tasty grapes drove onto the company’s courtyard and someone asked: "What about producing a raki just from fresh grapes?“ The newly born brand quickly became so successful that it turned into a new production branch. In 2010 Efe Fresh Grapes Raki won a medal at the internationally famous San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It scored highest in smell, taste and smoothness and was given the top award in its category: "The Double Gold Medal".

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